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A beard is the figurehead of masculinity and in some regions of the world there is even a strong association with power. Whatever the reason, there is undoubtedly a moment in your life when you decide to grow a beard. Maybe you’re curious how you look with a beard, or just want something different. But if the end result has to be a glorious beard then it is not a matter of having your facial hair grow for a few months and hoping that everything will be alright. In fact, a healthy beard requires a number of crucial steps and, of course, a good dose of patience. It is unfortunately not certain that the ultimate, tough beard that you have in mind ultimately fits your face and character.

In order to help you on your way, we have compiled this guide for you. In this guide you will read all about the best way of growing a beard and you will also read scientifically based insights and supplements so that you can grow your beard faster in a natural way . We give you valuable tips during the growth process that can help you achieve your beard goals. If you have not tried to grow a beard before, we definitely recommend that you read the tips and advice.

Trim beard

To make the journey to those glorious moons a bit more bearable, we have also put together a look book full of inspiration for you to view at the bottom of this guide. If you have found a beard that you think will suit you, you should bring the photos to your barber for reference, if you let your beard trim at a barber during the growing process.

Grow a Beard: Dedication and Appointment with Yourself

Growing a beard requires a certain dedication. This trip is actually a test of your character and for some people a way of self-discovery. It is therefore not easy to reach, but the pay-off is ultimately big and gives you a great feeling. The reason that many men have problems to continue growing a beard is because they give up when there is not yet visible progression going on . There will be a period in which you can not get rid of your beard because of itching, irritated skin and bald spots.

This annoying incident is unfortunately enough for many men to stop early and shave smooth again. If you have made the decision and you want the full 100%, then it can help to find inspiration and have the final goal in mind. What often helps is that setting a start date and a minimum number of weeks in which you make the appointment with yourself really do not shave, regardless of the irritations or comments from your immediate environment.

Why grow a Beard?

To put the question differently: why not grow a beard ? Although stubble and shaved faces are ‘the norm’, it is nowadays great to grow a beard, regardless of your profession or background.

In that sense it is easy to make the decision to grow a beard. But it is also just as easy to go against yourself and choose to shave again – and you will undoubtedly do that a number of times before you really commit and continue.

The most popular reasons for growing a beard are:

To look older
To get rid of a baby face
Because it fits your personality
To shave less
Women find it masculine

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