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A breast augmentation is an operation that goes reasonably fast, a few hours after your admission you can go home again. At night you are comfortable in your own bed.

Depending on the recommendations of your doctor, your breasts are bound and you are advised to wear a firming bra or an elastic bandage during the recovery. Once the sutures have been removed, the doctor may tell you to gently massage the scar with cream or lotion (a lotion recommended by the doctor) to prevent the skin from drying out.

After breast enlargement, you should take good care of your breasts, to promote healing and to prevent pain. In addition to good care, your breasts will need a couple of weeks of rest, at least 6 weeks of rest is definitely recommended. The lifting of heavy weights or heavy efforts is absolutely impossible in that period!

You can start working back about 1 week after the treatment, depending on the work you do. Do your physically strenuous work, then you will obviously stay at home longer. If you work as a clerk, you will be able to get back to work quickly.

Showering can be done 24 hours after your breast augmentation. However, make sure that the plasters and the bandage do not get wet! You may not shower too hot, because the temperature of the water can cause your breasts to swell if it is too high.

One week after a breast augmentation you always have to come to check. The wires are then removed from your bond. Even afterwards you still have to come to check regularly, so that we can follow you properly.

These are only general guidelines. Every woman is different and it is therefore important that you follow the specific instructions of your plastic surgeon and that you consult the doctor for aftercare. You should also always consult a doctor or pharmacist before using local medicines (eg steroids) on the breast after breast augmentation.


“Does a breast enlargement hurt?” It is a question we get here very regularly and it is answered by Central Florida Green Guide. A breast augmentation is of course not entirely painless, but we can reassure you: the pain is very good . The operation itself is completely painless, since you are under anesthesia. After the operation you may experience some pain in the first week, but with a number of painkillers you solve that quickly and effectively. After that, the pain is almost completely gone if you do not make strenuous efforts.

Immediately after the operation and in the following days you will experience the most pain. Your body has to get used to your new breast implants and your breasts have to recover. However, this pain can easily be solved with a few painkillers. Give your body enough rest the first few days after the operation, and you will hardly have any problems with your breasts. Effort activities such as waves or swimming are of course strongly discouraged immediately after your breast augmentation.

A little month after the operation you can slowly start back with sporting activities.Build this back on, so you certainly do not force anything. In the coming months your breasts will recover further, and that can be accompanied by pain here and there. However, this pain should be very tolerable, in case of severe pain you should always consult your doctor!

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