Which methods are gynecomastia treated?

Gynecomastia is a disorder found in men of all ages. It involves excessive enlargement of the breast area, and the basis for development may lie various causes, both endocrine and metabolic. Gynecomastia is the excessive growth of glandular, adipose tissue (lipomastia) or fibrous tissue in the nipple area in men. There are many methods of treating these disorders, which should be chosen individually in each case.

Gynecomastia, an abnormal enlargement of the nipple in men, occurs among others in the course of endocrine diseases, kidney, thyroid or liver diseases. Often also excessive development of the nipple area can be found in overweight and obesity, which is associated with with excessive deposition of adipose tissue in the chest area.

It should be remembered that during adolescence a transient enlargement of the breast area may occur and it is associated with transient changes in the levels of sex hormones during this period of individual development. This condition is called physiological gynecomastia, and its statement should not be alarmed.

What methods can you remove gynecomastia?

Treatment of gynecomastia varies depending on the underlying cause, which caused the development of this disorder. We can distinguish both gynecomastia treatment using conservative and invasive methods. Conservative methods of gynecomastia treatment include, for example, weight reduction through proper diet and regular physical exercise. In the course of chronic diseases, the intensification of treatment of these diseases may improve. Sometimes some gynecomastia or drugs used by the patient are responsible for the development of gynecomastia. Their withdrawal may have a positive effect on the condition of the nipple.

In the case of ineffectiveness of conservative methods, methods of invasive treatment of gynecomastia come with help . Invasive gynecomastia treatment is found among others also used in people who have experienced changes in the course of gynecomastia in adolescence and overly obese patients.

In the situation of excessive body weight and the development of lipomastia, liposuction is an effective treatment method. Liposuction in the treatment of gynecomastia is based on sucking excess body fat with a special cannula. This treatment allows the local reduction of excess body fat and is carried out as part of plastic surgery. The preferred methods of treatment of excessive fat development in the breast area in men in the course of obesity are the so-called Vaser Lipo and WAL methods.

Both Vaser Lipo and WAL techniques do not damage nerves or blood vessels located in the vicinity of the removed adipose tissue. Their advantages also include shorter convalescence after surgery compared to the so-called classic liposuction, and the possibility of using removed adipose tissue to model other areas of the patient’s body. The WAL method (water-jet assisted liposuction), which is carried out using the Body Jet apparatus, consists in the introduction of a special aqueous solution using cannulas. This solution, after penetration into the intercellular space, causes relaxation of the structure of adipose tissue and facilitates its suctioning. In turn, the Vaser Lipo method uses ultrasound energy, which helps in transforming fat tissue into a type of emulsion, which also helps in its suction.

In the case of excessive development of the glandular tissue with the excessive development of adipose tissue , surgical breast reduction surgery is used . The procedure involves the surgical removal of glandular breast tissue. The whole procedure takes about 1.5-2 hours and is carried out under general anesthesia. Often in the development of gynecomastia, excessive development of both adipose and glandular tissue occurs. In the situation of the first advantage, the often sufficient procedure is the liposuction procedure. In the case of glandular tissue development, it is necessary to remove the entire gland.

Take Good Care Of Your Skin In Winter

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A breast augmentation is an operation that goes reasonably fast, a few hours after your admission you can go home again. At night you are comfortable in your own bed.

Depending on the recommendations of your doctor, your breasts are bound and you are advised to wear a firming bra or an elastic bandage during the recovery. Once the sutures have been removed, the doctor may tell you to gently massage the scar with cream or lotion (a lotion recommended by the doctor) to prevent the skin from drying out.

After breast enlargement, you should take good care of your breasts, to promote healing and to prevent pain. In addition to good care, your breasts will need a couple of weeks of rest, at least 6 weeks of rest is definitely recommended. The lifting of heavy weights or heavy efforts is absolutely impossible in that period!

You can start working back about 1 week after the treatment, depending on the work you do. Do your physically strenuous work, then you will obviously stay at home longer. If you work as a clerk, you will be able to get back to work quickly.

Showering can be done 24 hours after your breast augmentation. However, make sure that the plasters and the bandage do not get wet! You may not shower too hot, because the temperature of the water can cause your breasts to swell if it is too high.

One week after a breast augmentation you always have to come to check. The wires are then removed from your bond. Even afterwards you still have to come to check regularly, so that we can follow you properly.

These are only general guidelines. Every woman is different and it is therefore important that you follow the specific instructions of your plastic surgeon and that you consult the doctor for aftercare. You should also always consult a doctor or pharmacist before using local medicines (eg steroids) on the breast after breast augmentation.


“Does a breast enlargement hurt?” It is a question we get here very regularly and it is answered by Central Florida Green Guide. A breast augmentation is of course not entirely painless, but we can reassure you: the pain is very good . The operation itself is completely painless, since you are under anesthesia. After the operation you may experience some pain in the first week, but with a number of painkillers you solve that quickly and effectively. After that, the pain is almost completely gone if you do not make strenuous efforts.

Immediately after the operation and in the following days you will experience the most pain. Your body has to get used to your new breast implants and your breasts have to recover. However, this pain can easily be solved with a few painkillers. Give your body enough rest the first few days after the operation, and you will hardly have any problems with your breasts. Effort activities such as waves or swimming are of course strongly discouraged immediately after your breast augmentation.

A little month after the operation you can slowly start back with sporting activities.Build this back on, so you certainly do not force anything. In the coming months your breasts will recover further, and that can be accompanied by pain here and there. However, this pain should be very tolerable, in case of severe pain you should always consult your doctor!

Brain Healthy Keep – 9 Super Tips

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Grow Beard And Stimulate Beard Growth

A beard is the figurehead of masculinity and in some regions of the world there is even a strong association with power. Whatever the reason, there is undoubtedly a moment in your life when you decide to grow a beard. Maybe you’re curious how you look with a beard, or just want something different. But if the end result has to be a glorious beard then it is not a matter of having your facial hair grow for a few months and hoping that everything will be alright. In fact, a healthy beard requires a number of crucial steps and, of course, a good dose of patience. It is unfortunately not certain that the ultimate, tough beard that you have in mind ultimately fits your face and character.

In order to help you on your way, we have compiled this guide for you. In this guide you will read all about the best way of growing a beard and you will also read scientifically based insights and supplements so that you can grow your beard faster in a natural way . We give you valuable tips during the growth process that can help you achieve your beard goals. If you have not tried to grow a beard before, we definitely recommend that you read the tips and advice.

Trim beard

To make the journey to those glorious moons a bit more bearable, we have also put together a look book full of inspiration for you to view at the bottom of this guide. If you have found a beard that you think will suit you, you should bring the photos to your barber for reference, if you let your beard trim at a barber during the growing process.

Grow a Beard: Dedication and Appointment with Yourself

Growing a beard requires a certain dedication. This trip is actually a test of your character and for some people a way of self-discovery. It is therefore not easy to reach, but the pay-off is ultimately big and gives you a great feeling. The reason that many men have problems to continue growing a beard is because they give up when there is not yet visible progression going on . There will be a period in which you can not get rid of your beard because of itching, irritated skin and bald spots.

This annoying incident is unfortunately enough for many men to stop early and shave smooth again. If you have made the decision and you want the full 100%, then it can help to find inspiration and have the final goal in mind. What often helps is that setting a start date and a minimum number of weeks in which you make the appointment with yourself really do not shave, regardless of the irritations or comments from your immediate environment.

Why grow a Beard?

To put the question differently: why not grow a beard ? Although stubble and shaved faces are ‘the norm’, it is nowadays great to grow a beard, regardless of your profession or background.

In that sense it is easy to make the decision to grow a beard. But it is also just as easy to go against yourself and choose to shave again – and you will undoubtedly do that a number of times before you really commit and continue.

The most popular reasons for growing a beard are:

To look older
To get rid of a baby face
Because it fits your personality
To shave less
Women find it masculine

7 Vital Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Tips For Preventing Kidney Damage

About one in ten people has kidney damage, some even without knowing it. This can have serious consequences. Fortunately, you can do a lot yourself to prevent kidney damage.

A healthy lifestyle significantly reduces the risk of kidney damage. These are actually the same lifestyle recommendations that are given to prevent high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes , diseases that in themselves can lead to kidney damage.

Healthy food

Anyone who eats according to the guidelines of the Nutrition Center and also has a regular diet, will feel fit and also reduces the risk of kidney damage. Eat varied, not too much, less saturated fat, less salt, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit and enough bread. More tips for a healthy diet can be found here .

Healthy weight

Overweight people have an increased risk of kidney damage (and other diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease). It is therefore important to strive for a healthy weight. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is used worldwide to determine whether someone has a healthy weight. Check regularly how it is done with your BMI .

Sufficient movement

For your health is good to moderate a half-hour daily intensive exercise . That means you have to breathe properly and your heart starts to beat faster. Moving half an hour does not have to be consecutive. Twice 15 minutes of brisk cycling or three times 10 minutes of brisk walking is also allowed.

Do not smoke

Smoking can damage the blood vessels in and to the kidneys. It is therefore an important risk for kidney damage. Quitting smoking ensures that your health immediately progresses by leaps and bounds. And you notice that: your breathing improves, the coughing becomes less, the condition goes up and smelling and tasting goes better.

Drink moderately

Moderate drinking does not mean more than a standard glass per day for adult men and women. The benefits of drinking alcohol do not outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, the advice is not to drink alcohol or at least not more than 1 glass per day. In any case, try to insert a number of alcohol-free days.

Use as little salt as possible

Very limited use of salt is very important in the prevention of kidney damage. Salt can lead to high blood pressure, which is harmful to the kidneys. Salt is also directly harmful to the kidneys, especially if there is kidney damage. Protein loss in the urine – which is harmful to the kidneys, heart and blood vessels – also decreases by salt restriction.

Tips for using less salt

• Leave products that contain a lot of salt as much as possible. Think of ready meals, soups, snacks, chips and the like. There is a lot of salt in some products .
• Do not add extra salt to your food. Season the food with other seasonings, such as fresh herbs.
• In general, unprocessed meat products, such as meat, chicken, turkey and fish, naturally contain little salt. When meat or fish is seasoned, breaded or marinated, you can leave it better. The same applies to processed meats such as smoked sausage, frankfurters, hamburgers, sausages and slavincs.
• Vegetables, fruit, potatoes, rice and pasta do not contain much salt by nature. You can eat fresh vegetables and fruit to your heart’s content, but vegetables from canned fruit, glass and frozen vegetables a la creme contain more salt. Regular frozen vegetables also contain little salt. Read the labels carefully.
• Eat little liquorice. Eating a lot of liquorice can cause high blood pressure. This is not so much because of the salt in licorice, but because of the glycyrrhizic acid. This fabric is also in licorice tea. Glycyrrhizin affects the functioning of the kidneys. The body therefore holds more moisture, causing the blood pressure to rise.

I hope you would have loved these tips but if not, you can visit Brazilian Fruit for more vital tips and information of preventing kidney damage.

Grow Beard And Stimulate Beard Growth

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Brain Healthy Keep – 9 Super Tips

During our education and training in the younger years, you learn rapidly how to get information on how you can save it in your head and how you can apply it later.

With these learned functionalities you will later be able to further develop yourself. Important indicators are your EQ and your IQ.

In middle age you reap the benefits of this and, if things are going well, you can more easily apply the learned in your daily life, and in particular your working life.

So we all know how to store information and find it again, but how does that happen? We have no idea of ??that. These processes in your brain are so terribly complex that even the medical world has been able to map only a very small part of these processes.

There is still a lot of research needed to get everything clear. But what is now clear is the fact that we ourselves can exert an important influence on the functioning of your brain.

The following tips have been collected especially for you to give you the chance to keep your brain in good health, but most of these also have a very positive effect on your body in general, both mentally and physically. So just do it!

Tip # 1: Sleep well

Your brain needs rest during the night hours . Rest to process all impressions from the past day and give them a place. It is a proven fact that this is only possible if you are sufficiently asleep, not only in hours but also in quality (1). A good night’s sleep is also much better for the functioning of your whole body. The moment you sleep badly, you have to look for a possible cause.

Obvious causes may lie in the fact that you have a bad pillow or that your mattress needs replacement. In addition, you have to look very critical around you in your bedroom: Is the room perhaps too light? Then ensure good, blackout curtains. It is also important to turn off as many devices with lights as possible. For example, the alarm clock display is a fairly strong light source.

Tip # 2: Chew firmly

In the present tense we are only in a hurry: The children have to go to school, soon a meeting, be on time at work, just a little too late, etc. etc. We all recognize this picture. As a result, the food often has to take place very quickly.

This is very unfortunate, because eating is not only a matter of taking food to survive, but is also a moment of rest, a moment of social contact, sharing stories with the rest of the family and making new plans for the rest of the day or for the next day. It is an important moment of communication.

A part of the food is chewing. Due to the necessary speed, the macaroni plate is pushed in so that it is not chewable. This is a very bad thing. Chewing has a number of important functions : Not only is the food chopped into smaller pieces by your teeth, you also mix the food with your saliva, so that important substances are added to the food. This means your stomach does not have to work as hard and the nutrients are better absorbed by your body. A very important aspect of chewing well!


Tip # 3: Stay physically and mentally active

Older people often tend to take a nap. They are less active and therefore almost no longer outside. It is very important in old age to remain active both physically and mentally . It is of course important to do new things besides your normal activities, to offer new challenges to your brains. To give a small example:

Playing the same game every day is not very useful. That is the same way of thinking every time, and you will also get stuck in that. For example, chess is a better alternative. This mind-set of sport keeps putting you back to work to come up with new solutions to the issues.

With this you keep your brain better in shape and you are able to be mentally more flexible.

A very nice combination of physical and mental activity is dancing . Not only is it very nice for your social contacts, which keeps your mind younger at all, but the combination of moving and learning new dance patterns is a proven solution.

Tip # 4: Keep pushing your Boundaries

This tip is a bit in line with the previous point. To constantly challenge your brain to solve new problems, it is important that you gradually shift your boundaries. If, for example, you no longer travel by train, because you find it complicated to check in and out with the new OV chip card, I advise you to do so.

You challenge your brains in this way in a positive way, so that you gradually shift your boundaries. The excitement this entails will ensure that your information will be processed faster, remembered better and therefore can solve a similar problem faster.

Tips For Preventing Kidney Damage

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7 Vital Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Do you want to lose weight but are you constantly hungry? These pointers help you minimize your sense of cravings so that you can drop weight step by action in a healthy way.

” Rice is terrific if you’re actually starving and desire 2 thousand or something.”

1. Stop consuming too little

Lots of people who wish to reduce weight merely consume insufficient. They limit their portions since they do not want to eat excessive. This is counter-productive, because you are constantly hungry and your body may be malnourished.

You want to prevent getting insufficient energy to work appropriately. Extended eating extremely couple of calories is ineffective in the long run – whatever you make to yourself. Your body can not be bitten. It is necessary that you improve the quality of your diet which you drop weight.

There is absolutely nothing incorrect with a lot of food. The issue is getting in too much energy. But those 2 things do not have to be the very same.

You can always supplement your meals with additional veggies. Nobody stops you to add an extra zucchini, an entire bowl of mushrooms, a cucumber or a total broccoli to your meal.

You can consume your food on vegetables and still do not get an ounce.

Vegetables include few calories and are full of fiber and nutrients. Consume as much as you desire! Treat with carrots, tomatoes and cucumber. And simply throw more vegetables into your meals.

More vegetable food gives you a full sensation without being impeded by weight reduction. But bear in mind that you likewise get enough whole grains, vegetables and (veggie) proteins such as nuts, tofu and tempeh.

2. Drink more water

Simple. Not just does it momentarily give you a complete sensation, it also assists you to reduce ‘ghost hunger’. We frequently believe we are hungry, but in reality we are just thirsty. By consuming a glass of water you leave out that cause in any case.

3. Breakfast firmer

For some individuals, a hearty breakfast makes the difference in between eating lunch the entire afternoon and being surprised that it is already lunch break.

Experiment with the size of your breakfast. For example, include additional fruit and research what it does for your appetite during the day.

4. Pick up a piece of fruit

Are you starving? Grab an apple. Are you still starving? Then get an apple. You must be really starving if you are still starving after two apples.

Are not you crazy about fruit? Then you can do the very same with carrots, cucumber or celery.

It can likewise be extremely efficient to integrate fruit with a handful of nuts. Nuts assist you minimize your cravings sensation rapidly, but they likewise consist of a lot of energy. So with such superpowers comes fantastic obligation.

5. Break your sugar addiction

Yes. If you are addicted to sugar, then you remain in a rollercoaster of yearnings, followed by a sugar peak, followed by a sugar valley and once again unmanageable draft. This keeps you hectic.

It is not healthy, and it is not actually beneficial if you wish to drop weight. A sugar dependency makes you consider food all day.

So time to stop. Build your sugar consumption and give yourself one simple rule: I do not consume refined sugar.

Merely sat. Then you just get a peach.

6. Stop processed meuk

Processed food is developed for your tongue, not your stomach circumference. It readies, it ‘feeds’ your feelings. But it does refrain from doing much helpful for your health and your waist. This keeps you consuming and you keep your appetite.

So? So move to unprocessed food. Food that is less ‘extreme’ in taste, so you do not wish to continue consuming endlessly. That does not indicate that you have to make whatever yourself from now on. However that you pay more attention.

A package that claims to be healthy deserves double evaluation. Your day has an average of six consuming minutes. Work on improving your meals, and update your treats. You do not have to do more.

And once again: you can search for all hip, made complex and expensive superfood snacks. You can likewise just get a piece of fruit. From that a person superfood bar you purchase a bag of carrots that you do half a week with.

Make it easier. Not more complex. Do not attempt to do it completely, but simply much better.

7. Realise why you are always hungry

If you have actually simply worked a good meal and you are hungry again, then ask yourself why you are starving. Observe your cravings, however do not trade to it.

Notification how the pull turns up and experience how it immediately vanishes after a couple of minutes. And recognize how you – by realising – have kept a half a piece of ice out of your body.

Do the same when you are hungry for very particular, unhealthy foods. This type of appetite is most likely emotional appetite. Your brain has actually discovered how to suppress undesirable feelings through specific foods that produce a lot of endorphins.

Do not grab the chips, however put a timer on your phone and meditate for ten minutes. Possibilities are that your cravings in chips will disappear afterwards.

Are you still starving while you actually consume more than enough? Then think about going to your medical professional. Perhaps your cravings has a various cause than simple ‘yearnings in goodies’.

Consuming healthy and reducing weight is easy.
Healthy consuming and dropping weight course Do you want more pointers and inspiration to consume much healthier? Then register for my online course blei body.

This course helps you to make healthy eating fun, simple and simple and easy. In little actions, with clever hacks and brand-new practices. That way, healthy consuming ends up being easier!.

Become slimmer, healthier, fitter and better with your body. With blei body you handle to leave those Tony chocolate bars and select healthy and scrumptious food.

Brain Healthy Keep – 9 Super Tips

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Take Good Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Good skin care is extremely important in the winter. Practically more important than in the summertime. The coldest months of the year require additional attention for your skin. Feeling more programs you what you can do to keep your skin healthy.

Unfavorable outside impact

When you state winter season, you immediately think about rain, wetness, cold and wind. All these weather conditions have a negative impact on your skin. Likewise the many temperature level changes (we frequently go from a cold environment outside to a heated environment inside), heavier and unhealthy food (due to the fact that salads are for the summer), the body that has less defense reaction in the winter, results in a lower resistance. Therefore, we should pay additional focus on keep our skin great and healthy, and prevent dehydration and early aging.

Some preventative measures

Avoid using really warm water throughout the winter season if you wash your hands or take a bath. Warm water dries your skin, developing a dull skin tone. Safeguard your skin using a moderate soap with soothing and moisturizing ingredients.
And do not forget to dry your skin additional well after bathing, especially between your fingers and toes, under your arms, in your groins and knees.

Daily care

The very best way to prevent dry skin is to take care of it with moisturizing body cream or cream. This is best done after a bath or shower (when your pores are more open) or at bedtime. There are several kinds of nourishing creams on the marketplace, some of them are even particularly appropriate for a certain time of the day.

If you have extremely dry skin, you can also use a nourishing cream during the day, particularly in the locations that suffer most from dry skin in the winter season, such as elbows, knees and feet.

Tip: the skin of your face is different from the skin of the arms. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize creams that are specifically matched for your hands, feet, elbows, face, lips, and so on.

Soft lips

Your lips need extra defense in the winter. They are extremely susceptible and an easy target for cold, wind, dry air and humidity. Pick lip balm that assists avoid canyons and use them a number of times a day to protect your lips.

Consume plenty of water

Naturally, consuming a great deal of water likewise plays an essential role in keeping your skin healthy, disposing of waste materials and hydrating your body. Discover the 4 actions for stunning seductive lips.

7 Vital Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Perfect Dieting Tips For Your Healthy Skin

Different strict weight-loss diet plan leads to the fact that the look of damaged skin, it begins flaking and devastating old. This triggered a new tree – diet plans to improve the skin, then the problem is very simple: the body needs a variety of healthy food.

Exactly what to consume to improve skin condition

In order to restore the skin, the diet should supply adequate quantities of protein (of which the cells of the skin) made fat (they are essential for an excellent metabolism) and carbs (the energy source for biochemical procedures.) But the body is still needed, and catalysts of biochemical procedures, sometimes accelerate biochemical reactions.In this function, the enzymes whose structure consists of constantly contain vitamins and minerals.

No less influence on the skin and hormonal agents – substances that are dispersed in small quantities endocrine glands and actively impact all functions of the body. For example, female sex hormones estrogen assistance regular connective tissue collagen and elastin fibers that form the skeleton supports the skin. When estrogen becomes a bit (it comes with age), the skin loses its firmness and flexibility, wrinkles appear on it. Male sex hormones are the reason for skin acne vulgaris (acne) – they alter the structure of sebum and increase its seclusion, which is a breeding place for infection. All hormones that are launched into the body, somehow affect the skin. But for hormone synthesis also needs the needed material, that can just come with food. Good,

Therefore, just a range of foods improve the skin condition. You need to consume lean meats, fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts, beans, cereals, whole grain breads, vegetables and fruits.

If the skin appeared pustular rash, the menu urgent have to remove the sweet and abundant dishes, sweet soft drinks, spicy, smoked and marinaded foods, alcoholic beverages.

If you have a dry, flaky skin aging or have to increase your fluid consumption (you can raise to 2 liters a day, if the health allows) and the variety of plant and animal fats (fish oil or oily fish) origin. The vegetable fats beta carotene, which is transformed into the body transformed into vitamin A, required for the correct advancement of the skin. It likewise contains a second, and the necessary skin vitamin – Vitamin E Fish oil includes direct-vitamin A, in addition to fatty acids necessary for appropriate metabolism.

Diet for Skin

American skin doctor Nicholas Perricone has a diet that generally enhances the skin while it assists to lose additional weight and developed. The diet plan is called – to tighten the skin.

The diet is based on the constant usage of oil-rich fish such as salmon. Included in fatty fish fatty acids are really beneficial for metabolic process Metabolic process: The basis of life of all living beings Metabolism: The basis of the life of all living beings
In particular, they are completely brought back condition of the facial skin – it becomes more smooth and fresh. The salmon are also many B vitamins, whose basal metabolism, which is why the skin and its appendages (hair and nails) actually enhance bloom.

Meals of salmon Perricone suggests the food every day, you can even twice a day. He thinks that the best fish to cook on the grill or fried – it contributes to the conservation of the biologically active compounds. You can cook in a various way, however do not bake.

Perricone diet plan offers a well balanced diet plan that includes low-fat meat and dairy items, fish, cereals, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts. Fats – the only veggie. Need to drink non-carbonated mineral water and green tea. You can not eat sweets, bake, mayo, corn, bananas, Potatoes, sweet alcoholic beverages and sodas, strong tea and coffee.

Improves skin items (with the exception of salmon) Perricone thinks blueberries Advantages and disadvantages of blueberries: the health of the forest, Raspberries, melons, apples, pears, avocado, peppers, tomatoes, squash, greens. These products include the largest amounts of minerals and vitamins required for the “bloom” of the skin.

Perricone products suggested for everyday usage:

Salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce, with the addition of olive oil and lemon juice; the composition differs every day with the addition of various items: paprika, celery, raw mushrooms, radish; tomato soup with shrimps and cheese; required for the preparation of a liter of tomato juice, one hundred and thirty grams of salmon fillet, one hundred grams of peeled shrimps, peppers and forty grams, thirty grams of grated cheese, the fourth part of the zest of a lemon, fresh basil, soy sauce, black pepper; tomato juice must be warmed, do not boil, put the grated lemon passion, salmon (cut), shrimp, paprika, heat the soup, making it simmer for another 5 minutes, get rid of from the heat, pour the soy sauce, sprinkle with black pepper and embellish with basil.

Take Good Care Of Your Skin In Winter

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