Remove wart itself: tips & remedies against warts

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Warts are very annoying skin abnormalities and can cause a lot of trouble. For example, a wart on the foot can be very annoying when walking, while a wart on your face can affect your self-confidence. Warts are caused by a virus that spreads easily in damp areas such as showers or swimming pools. These nasty skin phenomena are not dangerous but contagious. You can have this problem treated by a doctor but you can also remove warts yourself by means of wart plasters or a wart pen. You can also take care of your warts with the help of wart sticks and specific tincture or oil. Which tips and remedies are still useful to prevent warts and how can you remove them yourself?

What is a wart?

Most people have sometimes had warts. A wart is a striking deviation from the skin that mainly occurs on hands and feet , but can also strike other parts of the body, such as on the genitals. In that case, one speaks of genital warts. A wart is formed by a white, hardened piece of skin that is full of white dots.

Causes warts

The cause of warts can be reduced to the spread of the papilloma virus. This virus spreads more easily via wet and damp surfaces, such as swimming pools and showers. Because many people come together in public shower rooms, changing rooms of sports clubs and swimming pools, the chance of warts occurring there is greater.

Are warts dangerous or contagious?


Warts are very annoying and can make you nervous if you pay attention to them. Especially when you suffer from warts on your face this can be very irritating. But warts are usually not dangerous or unhealthy. They are, however, bothersome and can sometimes affect your self-image, especially when they occur in a prominent place on the body or face.


It is true that warts are contagious. They can easily spread from one place to the body to another place. But contamination is also possible by contact with the virus of other bodies, such as in changing rooms or public swimming pools . Moreover, children are more likely to develop warts because their immune system has not yet been fully developed.

Preventing warts: tips

To prevent warts, it is crucial to ensure good hygiene of hands and feet . For example, it is important to carefully dry your feet after washing, not to mention the space between the toes. Some people easily forget to dry the toes and feet because they assume that these areas will dry themselves. Yet this is very important if you want to avoid warts. If you use a public swimming pool pay attention to wear slippers. In addition, it is also recommended to always wash your hands with soap in public toilets and dry them thoroughly.

Treatment of warts

Wart freeze

Of course you want to get rid of your warts as quickly as possible: they look ugly and they are very annoying. But warts usually disappear after one or two years. However, if you do not want to wait then you may want to pay a visit to the doctor or dermatologist who will help you further. Possible treatments in this case are cutting away and freezing the wart.

Salicylic acid

But some people prefer to remove their warts themselves. This can be done by freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen. You can also soak the wart in a 45-degree hot water bath. If you want to try it step by step, you can treat the wart with salicylic acid: this is a week-long treatment in which pieces of wart gradually come loose.

Remove wart: remedies

If you want to remove your wart yourself, there are plenty of possibilities and remedies. You can treat and treat a wart with special wart oil or tincture, where you can use wart sticks. Another option is to apply a wart patch to the affected area. But the most practical solution is probably to use a wart pen . A wart pen contains a gel that allows you to treat and remove the wart in a painless way. This is also probably the most practical choice on a hygienic level.


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