This is the perfect male body in the eyes of the woman

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Most of us are sometimes found in the gym, one perhaps more often than the other. And although we sometimes come up with the craziest reasons why we’re going there right now, it’s often to look better. But what exactly is the ideal body in the eyes of the woman? We from MAN MAN have the answer.

Length and weight

It is generally assumed that tall men are attractive. It is not that bad, because the dream man has an average length of 1 meter 82. This in combination with a weight of 84 kilos. It is of course dependent on the composition of your body. Are you 1 meter 82, weigh you 84 kilos but you have thin arms and a big belly, this logically will not be seen as ideal. The ideal waist size is around 82 centimeters. Gynexol Review Ingredients. L-Arginine plays a key role in increasing lipolysis that allows excess fats to be broken down.

Trained body

In the 1980s, men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger were immensely popular among women. Pumped up men, often achieved in a not very natural way. Today there are still men who walk in that way, or who have the same ambition in any case. But it turns out that women usually do not like this at all. The ideal body is now mostly trained, slightly muscular with visible abdominal muscles. Perhaps the best example of this is Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Other characteristics

Outside the body we also investigated what women would prefer to see in a man. They indicate that the face is still the most important. In terms of hair color, women prefer brown locks, followed closely by black and blonde. As far as the color of the eyes is concerned, women often find the color blue the most attractive. After amber and green eyes, blue is the most special color. Only 2% of the world’s population has blue eyes.

If you have brown locks, blue eyes and also in terms of body close to the ideal picture, lucky you. If this is not the case, you do not have to grieve, with lesser genes you can still look good.

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